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Job Opportunities

  • Captain

    Job Requirements :

    1- Total hours : minimum 5000+

    2- 500 pic on type (737-800) or 1000 pic hours for non type rating on Jet commercial Airctaft .

    3- 5 years experience on airlines commercial companies .

    4- English proficiency ICAO  level 4 minimum .

  • Engineer

    1- A and C engineers

    Type : B737-800NG

    (2 open positions)

    2- Electric and Avionics engineer

    Type : B737-800NG

    ( 1 open position )

    *Candidates' age should be less than 30 years


  • Others

    We are looking for smart candidates to work in the following departments:
    1. Safety
    2. Security
    3. Commercial
    4. Dispatch
    5. Information Technology
    6. Cost Control
  • Cabin Crew

    1. Weight is proportional with Height.

    2. Height not less than 158 cm and medically fit.

    3. Positive and customer centric attitude.

    4. Educational level not less than high school.

    5. Age from 18 to 26 without experience up to 32 with experience.

    6. Fluent English is a must, second language is highly recommended.

    7. very good at German language.

    If you find yourself having these qualifications, do not hesitate to apply.

    A recent photo must be attached with the application.

    Application will be through the company website.

  • Flight Dispatcher Vacancy

    Location: Cairo, Egypt

    Job Purpose

    Successful candidate will ensure all Fly Egypt flights are planned and conducted in a safe and economical manner in accordance with ECAA and FlyEgypt regulations. Brief flight crew on any aspect that may affect the safety of the flight. Monitor FlyEgypt aircraft while in-flight and assist or advise the flight crew where required.


    Your responsibilities shall include but not limited to:

    Preparation of flight plans containing information such as maximum allowable takeoff and landing weights, weather reports, airfield conditions, NOTAMS and many other informational components required for the safe completion of flight

    Computing the amount of fuel required for the safe completion of flight according to aircraft type, distance of flight, maintenance limitations, weather conditions, fuel tankering policy based on fuel cost and minimum fuel requirements prescribed in the Operations Manual Part A and by the E.C.A.A.

    Analysing and evaluating usability of airports operating hours, fire coverage, LCN etc… meteorological information to determine potential hazards to safety of flight and to select the most desirable and economic route

    Liaising with maintenance for any M.E.L. items, which may affect the performance of the aircraft being planned. Obtaining payload data from the handling agents to produce the operational flight plan

    Updating the pilot in command of significant changes to weather or flight plan and recommends flight plan alternates, such as changing course, altitude (Flight Level) and if required en-route landings.

    Make all required flight documentation available to the flight crew at outstations and briefing the flight crew of any irregularities they may encounter on the flight.

    Adhering to ATC regulations and company policy.


    He / She will have undergone extensive training to have earned a Flight Dispatchers license and participates in frequent and detailed recurrent training courses covering aircraft systems, company operations policy, meteorology, E.C.A.A. regulations to maintain their licence as required by E.C.A.A.


    Flight dispatcher License issued by Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority

    Bachelor degree

    Age between 21 and 30 Years

    Minimum 2 Years Professional experience in the same role

    Computer literate and fluent in English language

    Ability to work effectively in a high pressure environment

    Quick, urgent problem resolution

    Willing to work on shifts (Day/Night/Weekends and Holidays)

    Ability to work as part of a team          


    Deadline: 15/06/2015

    How to Apply:

    Application through website

    Applications in person will not be considered

  • Security Coordinator

    1- The GSC at each airport shall conduct the following daily: -

    (1) A review of all security-related functions for effectiveness and compliance with applicable Security Regulations, the Aircraft Operator's Security Program, and applicable Security Directives according to the current Threat Assessment. 

    (2) Immediate initiation of corrective action for each instance of noncompliance with the applicable Security Regulations, the Aircraft Operator's Security Program, and applicable Security Directives. At foreign airports where such security measures are provided by an agency or contractor, the aircraft operator shall notify the ECAA for assistance in resolving noncompliance issues.


     2- Duties and Responsibilities:-

    -    Reports Directly to the Company’s Security Director.

    -     In Accordance To the Provision of the Company’s Security Program he/she shall:-

    (1)    Ensure the Effectiveness Of the search and screening of the (PAX, cabin, hold baggage & Catering).

    (2)    Immediate and ongoing patch for cases of noncompliance with Fly Egypt Security program, security legislation, regulation.

    (3)    Make sure the implementation of the percentage of Physical search of the (PAX, her/his baggage) according to the threat level.

    (4)    Monitoring Passengers since checking until boarding gate.

    (5)    Ensure the Sterility of the departure hall before entrance of PAX.

    (6)    Control the Screened (PAX, her/his baggage & Catering).

    (7)    Assist the Cabin Crew- if requested –in implementing the A/C Search.

    (8)    Control the Access to the A/C.

    (9)    Ensure the Protection of the Secured Hold Baggage.

    (10)    Coordinate With all Relevant Entities, the Security measures and controls required For Each Flight According to the Current Threat Level. 

    (11)    Report All Observed Security Concerns and /Or Breach, and Ensures the Immediate Rectification, 

    (12)    Share and, Discretely Communicate the Security Issues and Information. 

    (13)    Fills in and signs the Security Release Form and present it to the Pilot –in-Command for his signature following ensuring that every element of the flight has been effectively subjected to the security measures and controls appropriate to the current threat level.



    3- Qualifications:-

    (1)    University degree.

    (2)    English proficiency.

    (3)    Position of Military service.

    (4)    Physical, Psychological, Mental Fitness.

    (5)    Good appearance.

    (6)    Have a sound Aviation General Knowledge.

    (7)    Age not more than 35years.

    (8)    Have A Clear Criminal Background Check.

    (9)    Basic Knowledge of Aviation Security Regulations, Measures and    Procedures.


  • Technician

    Active Technicians are required

    ( 3 open positions)

    *Candidates should be Alexandria residents

  • Accountant

    1- Fresh Graduate.

    2- Excellent at  English 

    3- Excellent Ms office skills 

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